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Condemned Labz Supplements at Natural Body Inc.

Condemned Labz supplements now available at Natural Body Inc.

Condemned Labz story and mission

Established in 2016, Condemned Labz was created to define the battle of fitness enthusiasts. We’ve become masochists; gaining pleasure from pain. Reps for results are what drives us deeper, fuels our fire and cements our love for the sport. This is where the obsession of striving for the perfect physique is conceived. Condemned Labz: We are sentenced to greatness!

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Condemned Labz to enable individuals to reach their max potential through our experience-based, quality supplement line. We embody a lifestyle, which together with our clients is committed to an aggressive approach to obtain superior results. We are defiant against the current market; we empower the physiques of tomorrow, today.

Centurion Labz Supplements

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Centurion Labz

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“Centurion Labz was created by two physicians that wanted to expand their knowledge into the health and fitness market. While owning and running a family practice, chiropractic office, and rejuvenation centers they decided to open a storefront. With issues of companies not meeting the expectation of label claims, we decided to come out with Centurion Labz. We have the knowledge on our products, our dosages are accurate, and we use only the best ingredients and raw powders available. We strive to put out quality products while educating on why and when to use them. We chose ‘Centurion’ as our name because of the hard training and discipline that was used to go into becoming a centurion soldier. This goes hand in hand with our sponsored athlete IFBB PRO, ‘GUY CISTERNINO’ and we couldn’t be happier to have him using and promoting our company’s products.”

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